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How to Stop your Dog Digging

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How to Stop your Dog Digging in the Garden

It can be frustrating, and expensive when your dog digs up holes in your garden. Despite the annoyance, digging is normal behaviour which many dog owners have had to put up with.

Fortunately, there are ways to prevent your dog from digging holes and damaging your garden. Using a few of the tips below, you can eventually learn to distract your dog from digging and redirect them to other activities.

Before learning how to stop your dog from digging, it’s important to understand the reasons behind why your dog digs holes. This insight will allow you to identify the most effective way to stop your dog digging holes in your garden.

Why does my dog dig holes?

There are many different reasons why dogs dig in the garden. And although none of them are causes for concern, it can be annoying if your dog is continually damaging your garden. Below are some of  the most common reasons why dogs dig holes in the garden

Dogs dig because it is predatory instinct

Dogs are animals, and that comes with a predatory instinct. When dogs are in the garden they will smell and hear wild animals that have been in the garden or are underground. Gods with a high predatory drive will dig holes in the garden attempting to get at small animals they smell and hear. 

Although not quite as damaging as digging holes in the garden, dogs will also kick their legs behind them to spread their own scent.

Dog Digging to Storing food and objects

Many dogs have an instinct to protect items that they deem as valuable. The stereotypical story of a dog burying a bone in the garden is very common. Not only will dogs hide bones, they also hide food and toys by burying them in the garden to keep them safe.

Dog digging out of Boredom

Some dogs will dig holes in the garden purely because they are bored and don’t have anything better to do. Excess energy will leave your dog looking for something mischievous to do. Dog’s left to their own devices and to create their own entertainment will sometimes choose to dig holes in the garden.

Dog trying to escape by digging holes

If your dog is digging holes beside a fence or at the borders of your garden, it’s possible they are interested in what’s on the other side. Dogs are naturally inquisitive so it would make sense that they want to explore beyond the garden.

How to stop your dog digging in the garden

Tire your dog out with Exercise

If your dog is digging because they have too much energy or are bored then more exercise could be the answer. Make sure that your pet is getting the right amount of dog exercise every day according to their breed. Different dog breeds require varying levels of activity. 

Increasing your dog’s exercise could help burn that extra energy that they are spending on digging holes in your garden.

Get rid of Pests

A pest problem could cause your dog to dig in your garden. If this is the case, it is important to sort out the pest problem. With the absence of the pest, your dog will no longer dig holes in your garden to hunt the pests.

Always take care when using any pest control as many will be harmful to dogs.

Provide a dedicated digging area for your dog to dig

Finally, in some cases there isn’t any underlying reason as to why your dog is digging except that they enjoy it. If your dog just enjoys digging then you could provide them with a dedicated digging area.

This is the best of both worlds, your dog gets to enjoy digging and you get to keep your garden undamaged.