Dog and Bee Stings
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Dog and Bee Stings

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Dogs and Bee Stings

It’s very common for dogs to be stung by bees and wasps. As naturally curious animals, dogs sniff around the garden and when they are out and about for their walk. This leaves them at risk of being stung. One of the most common reasons for visits to the vet is as a result of a pet owners dog being stung by a bee in the mouth, on their nose or in their throat. 

Bee stings at any magnitude are painful for a dog but to this area the sting is potentially dangerous. The swelling of the stung area may make it difficult for your dog to breath. Furthermore, some dogs may even have an allergic reaction to a bee sting thus increasing the danger.

Do I need to go to the Vet if my dog is stung by a bee?

Whether you dog will need medical attention as a result of a bee sting is on a case by case basis. In severe cases your dog may show signs of allergic reactions to a bee sting in the form of general weakness, difficulty breathing or swelling. In this case, take action quickly and bring your dog to the vet. 

Medical attention is also required for bee stings around your dog’s mouth or if your dog is stung multiple times. Stings around the mouth may affect your dogs breathing and multiple stings could potentially be dangerous and definitely warrant a trip to the Vet.

Bee sting could potentially be Life Threatening to you dog

As well being painful for your dog, bee and wasp stings are poisonous and in some cases stings can cause kidney problems and could even be life threatening. If you have any suspicion that your dog may need medical attention do hesitate to seek professional help. Your vet will be able to better check for signs of allergic reaction and may prescribe antihistamines.

How to treat a bee sting on a dog

Aside from severe cases, a simple sting can be safely left alone. To reduce the pain, a home remedy for a dog bee sting can be made with a mixture of water and baking soda and applied to the stung area. An icepack in a towel can also reduce the swelling and help your dog from limping. Applying apple cider vinegar to the stung area can also be used to help counteract the bee venom

Home Remedy for Dog Bee Sting

There are multiple essential oils that can be used to the ease bee stings.

Lavender can also be used as an essential oil for bee stings. Lavender oil has has anti-inflametory properties and can help relieve swelling on the stung area.

Tea tree oil, as a natural antiseptic may also easse pain from bee stings.