Do Dogs have Adams Apples

Do Dogs have Adams Apples

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Do Dogs have Adam’s Apples?

Adam’s apples are a noticeable feature in the throat of humans. The anatomy of dog’s throats is similar and although not as obvious, dogs do in fact have adam’s apples.

Just like humans, dog’s adams apples are an important part of their body which helps with airflow among other things.

Dog adam apples are also known as their larynx. The larynx comprises of cartilage that covers the windpipe when drinking and eating but opens to allow breathing.

How to Locate your Dogs Adam’s Apple

To find your dogs adam’s apple you can simply move your thumb and forefinger gently along your dog’s windpipe. Making sure to be gentle and that your dog is comfortable, continue down the windpipe until you see a firm bump in the middle of the neck. This piece of cartilage is your dog’s adams apple. 

In some cases it may be difficult to find your dog’s adam’s apple. Dog adam’s apples are much smaller than humans and the covering of your dogs coat may make it difficult to detect.

Purpose of Adam’s Apple in Dogs

Dog adam’s apples have many functions that are important to your dog’s health. The larynx is particularly important to assist dogs breathing and airway maintenance.

  1. Facilitate adequate airflow – The larynx allows your dog vocal chords to open when they breath in to ensure they get adequate airflow.
  1. Prevent food from entering the windpipe – Your dogs adam’s apple closes their vocal chords when they are eating and drinking to prevent food and water entering their windpipe.
  1. Allow vocalisation – Dog adam’s apples allow dogs to bark.

Dog Swollen Throat

If you feel any lumps or bumps on your dog’s throat that might not be their Adam’s apple it is advised to seek medical advice. 

Dogs with swollen throats or unusual lumps should always be inspected by a vet. A swollen throat could be a result of many things including an allergic reaction to a bee sting or an underlying condition.