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Cocker Spaniel Shedding

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Cocker Spaniel Shedding

Cocker Spaniel Coat Overview

CoatCocker Spaniels have a high maintenance coat which requires certain skill to take care. Most Cocker Spaniel owners leave the job of cutting and caring for their dogs coat to a professional groomer. But on top of this it’s important for your dog to become accustomed to a daily routine of brushing. 

Cocker Spaniels have a double coat consisting of an outer coat of short fine hair and an undercoat of longer hair.
ColourCocker spaniels come in a variety of colours. Solid Colours Including Black, Liver/Brown and Red/Golden. Parti Colour are White With Red, Black Or Liver
Shedding Medium
Grooming NeedsRegular grooming and daily brushing

Do Cocker Spaniels Shed?

Yes, like most dogs, cocker spaniels shed. But the level of shedding is down to the individual dog.

Cockers spaniels are a breed that drop their dead coat so you may find hair around your home.

As cocker spaniels are are a double coated breed this coat will need to be stripped out.

Because of this cocker spaniels generally slightly more high-maintenance than other dogs as they require more coat maintenance and grooming than the average dog.

What type of coat do cocker spaniels have?

Cocker Spaniels have a double coat which means they have two layers of hair. 

Their outer coat is made up of short fine hair. This outer layer is soft to the touch.

The undercoat is short, dense hair. This acts an insulations for the cocker spaniel as it helps them from getting too hot or too cold. 

Cocker spaniels coat is flat and silky to the touch because of the outer coat. They come in a variety of colours including black, brown and golden. They also come in parti colour, meaning that they can be two colours.

Why is my cocker spaniel shedding so much?

It is important for dogs to shed. Cocker spaniels shed their coat in the spring to be ready for the hot months of Summer. Despite looking warm, cocker spaniels summer coats keep them cool and keep your dog protected from the sun. 

For this reason cocker spaniels that spend lots of time outside in the elements are more prone to high levels of shedding. 

Your cocker spaniels shedding is likely natural and healthy if it is occurring all over your dogs body.

Other reasons my Cocker Spaniel might be shedding

Although shedding in dogs is natural and in most cases is nothing to worry about there are some situations where shedding may be a concern. 

Shedding in response to poor nutrition

Cocker spaniels coats are 90% protein and because of this diet is important for a healthy coat.

Some dogs have sensitivities to certain foods while others may not be getting the necessary nutrition requirements to maintain a healthy coat.

Shedding because of allergies

Cocker spaniels may develop allergic reactions to all kinds of irritants. Broken down this could come from environmental stimuli, food allergies or medication. 

The most common allergies in dogs that might cause shedding include:

  • Pollen
  • Mould
  • Dust mites
  • Beef
  • Dairy
  • Wheat

There are also lists of common human foods that you should avoid giving to your pet.

Shedding because of pregnancy

When pregnant, dogs use up essential minerals that are needed for maintaining a healthy coat. If your cocker spaniel is pregnant she may shed excessively and out of season. This shedding may also continue in the days after she gives birth.

How to manage cocker spaniel shedding?


Brushing your cocker spaniel regularly is the best way to reduce shedding. 


Alongside brushing, having your cocker spaniel groomed regularly can help to control shedding.

Bathing an anti-shedding shampoo for cocker spaniels

Regular baths can be very helpful for reducing shedding. This paired with anti-shed shampoo is a top tip for reducing shedding in cocker spaniels.


A healthy diet is important for your dog’s coat health and to keep shedding under control. 

Your dog should have a diet rich in fatty acids and vitamins for a health coat and for general health.

When do puppy cocker spaniels shed their puppy coat?

Even though they are a double coated breed, cocker spaniel puppies, like all puppies, are born with a single coat of soft fur. 

Cocker spaniel puppies will shed their puppy coat between four and six months. It will then grow two layers of fur. When the new coat grows, the pattern and texture of the coat may change. 

For cocker spaniels it is important to get your puppy used to grooming and being brushed daily from a young age as it will become part of their life.