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Can Dogs eat Mint?

Can dogs eat mint leaves?

When feeding your dog any type of plant you must be careful. Some plants and flowers are toxic to dogs so caution must be take.

For the most part dogs can eat fresh mint leaves. There are many varieties of mint plants but the most popular ones being peppermint and spearmint, are safe for dogs to eat.

Never let your dog eat pennyroyal mint as the leaves of these plants are toxic and can cause your dog severe illness. If you don’t know your plants then it is always best to keep your dog away from them to prevent potential illness. 

Can dogs eat mint sauce?

Sunday roasts and Christmas dinners leftovers are a welcome treat for most dogs. But is it ok to feed your dog leftovers that are laced in mint sauce? 

Dogs should not eat mint sauce. Mint sauce contains vinegar which can act as an irritant for dogs and could cause your dog health problems. Store bought mint sauce also has a high sugar and salt content so for that reason alone it is best to keep mint sauce out of your dogs diet. 

Because of the high amount of vinegar in mint sauce most dogs will not find it appetising anyway so it shouldn’t be difficult to keep your dog from eating leftovers with mint sauce on them. 

Can dogs eat mint sweets?

It can be tempting to treat our dogs to all the lovely things that we like to eat. But can dogs eat mint sweets?

Although mint sweets and peppermint don’t contain anything that is toxic to dogs, your dog still should not eat them. Mint sweets contain lots of added sugar which is bad for your dogs health. 

There are also some other issues with treating your dog to mint sweets. Many mints use peppermint oil as flavouring which unlike fresh mint, is likely to upset your dogs stomach. Additionally, sugar-free mints containing artificial sweeteners may be toxic to your dog. 

There are too many potential downsides to giving your dog mint sweets or peppermint so its best to completely steer clear of them. 

Can dogs eat mint essential oils?

Essential oils are becoming increasingly popular as natural healing product for dogs. But, not all oils are safe for dogs.

Mint essential oil is not safe for dogs. In its concentrated state, Mint essential oil is too strong for dogs. Even if applied to your dogs coat or skin, mint oil can be toxic.

If diluted correctly mint oil can be used on your dog safetly but if used incorrectly your dog can suffer severe consequences.  

Is mint poisonous to dogs?

As mentioned above fresh mint leaves are safe for dogs to eat but there are certain situations where mint can be poisonous for dogs.

Pennyroyal mint dog poisoning

The leaves of pennyroyal mint plants are toxic to dogs and can cause your dog severe illness. Because of this you should always keep your dog from eating this specific mint plant

Essential oil mint poisoning

As previously mentioned, mint essential oils are not safe for dogs and can cause ‘mint poisoning’. If you apply mint essential oils to your dog it may develop symptoms of toxicity and in sever cases develop liver failure. 

If you suspect your dog has mint poisoning, take him to the vet immediately. If caught early your dog can recover without lasting damage to his health.

Symptoms of mint poisoning in dogs

Symptoms of mint poisoning is different in each dogs, but the most common symptoms include:

  • Lethargy
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea

Dogs and mint FAQs

What type of mint is safe for dogs?

Wild mint, spearmint and peppermint are all non-toxic to dogs. The only mint species that is toxic to dogs in Pennyroyal

Why does my dog like eating mint?

Mint helps natural bacteria grow and can therefor act as a natural flea repellent. Dogs like the taste of mint, it cleans their mouth and it helps combat parasites.

Can my puppy eat mint?

Yes, as well as dogs, puppies can eat mint.

Can dogs eat extra strong mints?

And ingredient called xylitol that is found in mints and chewing gum is toxic to dogs and can cause poisoning. For this reason dogs should not eat extra strong mints.

How much mint can dogs eat?

Although most species of mint is non-toxic to dogs. Dogs shouldn’t eat more than a couple of mint leaves per day

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