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Can dogs eat Cranberries?

Are cranberries safe for dogs to eat?

Cranberries are a popular healthy snack which is enjoyed by people in the form of dried cranberries, cranberry juice or even cranberry sauce on a Christmas’s dinner or Sunday roast.

But is this health food safe to share with your dog?

Both fresh and dried cranberries are typically safe for dogs in small quantities. As with all treats that aren’t specifically dog food, moderation is important.

Although cranberries themselves are safe for dogs, caution must still be taken if you decided to treat your dog to prepared foods and juices that contain cranberry. Dried cranberries often come mixed with other dried fruits like raisins which are toxic for dogs. Similarly, cranberry juices may contain grape juice which is dangerous for your dog to drink.

Finally, prepared cranberry sauces, dishes and deserts can contain other ingredients like excessive sugar and alcohol which could potentially be harmful to your dog.

Are cranberries good for dogs?

Cranberries are in fact good for dogs. There is nothing toxic to dogs in cranberries and there are pleanty of micronutrients in them to help support your dogs health.

Cranberries are packed with antioxidants which when given as an occasional treat can help keep your dog healthy.

Vitamin C and E in cranberries help promote your dogs skin health, fur and bones. They also help reduce inflammation.

Cranberries also contain the mineral manganese which helps improve your dogs bodily functions.

All-in-all, cranberries in moderation are good for dogs and are packed with lots of extra health benefits.

Can dogs eat cranberry sauce?

As mentioned previously, cranberry sauce is generally safe for dogs in small quantities. But, as with all prepared foods there are some additional risks when feeding them to your dog.

Cranberry sauce is high in sugar which is unhealthy for dogs and can cause an upset stomach.

Some cranberry sauces contain extra ingredients like grapes and raisins which are toxic to dogs. Other recipes contain alcohol which is a definite no-no for feeding to your dog.

If you decide to treat your dog to some cranberry sauce, it is best to monitor your dogs behaviour for a short while after to ensure there are no negative reactions.

Can dogs eat dried Cranberries?

Dried cranberries are safe for dogs to eat. Cranberries are non-toxic for dogs but it is still best to give your dogs cranberries in moderation.

Too much sugar can be bad for your dogs health. Cranberries have lots of natural sugar, but some dried cranberries may also have added sugar which is not good your your dogs health.

Similarly, some dried cranberries may contain artificial sweeteners which are toxic to dogs.

Dried cranberries are often packages with a mix of other dried fruit and nuts. Alway be careful of mixes and never feed your dog mixes that include raisins, currants or macadamia nuts as they are toxic it dogs.

Can dogs have cranberry juice?

Although cranberries contain lots of vitamins that are good for your dogs health, that doest necessarily mean that cranberry juice has those same benefits.

When drinking cranberries in juice form your dog will miss some of the health benefits that are gotten from the whole fruit.

Additionally, many juices have lots of added sugar as well as other ingredients that may be harmful to dogs. Because of this it is best to not feed your dog cranberry juice.

FAQs for can dogs eat cranberries

Do cranberries help UTI’s in Dogs?

Pure cranberry juice may be helpful in fighting urinary tract infections in dogs. But, steer clear of juices that have added sugar or additional ingredients that may be toxic to dogs

How much cranberries can i give my dog?

It is best to give your dog one or two cranberries per day. This way your dog will get all the health benefits from the cranberries without the risk of having too much sugar in their diet.

Can i give my dog a cranberry pill?

Cranberry pills are used by humans to treat UTIs. It is best not to give your dog pills that are meant for humans. But, cranberry pills that are made specifically fof dogs should be perfectly safe.

Are cranberries poisonous to dogs?

Cranberries are non-toxic to dogs and are perfectly safe for them to eat. In fact, cranberries have lots of antioxidants that can benefit your dogs health.

Can dogs eat jellied cranberry sauce?

No, dogs should not eat jellied cranberry sauce. Jellied cranberry sauce is packed with added sugar and other ingredients that may be harmful to your dog.

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