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Can Dogs eat Courgette?

Yes! Courgette is perfectly safe for dogs to eat. Courgettes are full of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, potassium, calcium and beta-carotene which are all great for your dogs health. 

Is courgette safe for dogs?

Courgette is perfectly safe for dogs to eat. Courgette are seen as one of the best and most health vegetables to give to your dog.

But in saying that, courgette should still only make up a small percentage of your dogs varied diet. Courgette should not be seen as a substitute to regular dog food

How much courgette can i feed my dog?

Although courgettes are packed full of vitamins and minerals that are good your your dogs health they should still be given to your dog in moderation. 

Dogs need a varied diet with treats making up less than 10% of that.

Can dogs eat cooked courgette?

Cooked plain courgette is also safe for dogs to eat. 

Although, never feed your dog food that has added added seasoning. Packet seasonings, salt, oil and vegetables that are commonly mixed with courgette can be harmful to your dog. Courgette that has been prepared with any of these ingredients should not be given to your dog. 

Can dogs eat other courgette based products?

Courgette has recently become a popular ingredient in baking. 

Bread and other baked goods made with courgette should not be fed to your dog as a treat. The high calories, fat and sugar in these foods are unhealthy for dogs. 

These foods may also include ingredients that may be toxic to dogs such as sweeteners.  

Are courgette plants toxic to dogs?

There are many plants that are toxic to dogs so its always best to be on alert if you see your dog eating plants. 

Courgette flowers and leaves are safe for dogs so there should be nothing to worry about if your dog eats these. 

Can dogs eat courgette skin?

The skin of the courgette has the highest amount of antioxidants. Because of this it is perfectly healthy for your dog to eat courgette skin. 

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